250 Arab women to showcase their talent in ‘Ana Arabiah’ fair

Dr. Wafa Al-Rasheed said that the economic returns of the exhibition contributes to its development, in addition, to supporting charities. — Courtesy photo

Saudi Gazette report

An exhibition dedicated to female designers from all over the Arab world will kick off in Riyadh on Sunday.

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) is organizing the exhibition, titled “Ana Arabiah” (I am an Arab), as part of the ongoing Riyadh Season festival. Prizes amounting to a total of SR700,000 would be given away to the most distinguished designers at the six-day event.

More than 250 of the most talented women within the Kingdom and the Arab world will celebrate their talent and creativity with having a platform to showcase their creations.

It is one of the major initiatives of GEA, headed by Turki Al Sheikh, who is also chairman of the Riyadh Season.

The exhibition is a creative expression of art and design that brings to light the power and achievement of Arab women in cultural growth and evolution as it pays homage to traditional crafts with a modern age touch.

Faisal Bafart, CEO of the Authority, said that the exhibition would be a major economic support for the innovators in the fields of fashion and design, innovation and entrepreneurship. “The efforts exerted for it are great and elaborate,” he said.

For her part, Dr. Wafa Al-Rasheed, CEO of Tamkeen Company, said that the business trip as part of the preparation of the event was a resounding success in view of the tremendous response for the exhibition since its announcement.

More than 4,000 applicants came out from the first day onwards and that indicates the exhibition was of a great matter of concern for many professionals in the fashion industry.

Dr. Al-Rasheed said that the exhibition is sponsored by major Saudi companies. “Moreover, the exhibition is specialized for women and was supported by all applicants through the selection of the best works, ideas and advanced companies, especially in light of the exact criteria for acceptance and participation in this global exhibition, which shows an Arab identity,” she said.

Dr. Al-Rasheed said that the economic returns of the exhibition contributes to its development, in addition to supporting charities, including deserving families of martyrs on duty, as well as widows, divorcees and others who suffer from difficult social and economic conditions.

Meanwhile, Honaida Al-Seir said participation in the exhibition will be amazing according to the studies since the exhibition includes a lot of quality programs presented by giant international companies.

She said that the prizes, amounting to a total of SR700000, would be distributed to distinguished designers at the exhibition.

The grand prize will go to the gems and fashion sectors, where the winner will receive SR10,000 while the winners in the sectors of home accessories, gourmet, perfumes and cosmetics will get prizes from a total of SR500,000.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition has allocated the proceeds from its tickets to three charities: “Wajib” — the charity for the families of martyrs on duty; Tarawuf” — the Orphans Care Society in Hafr Al-Batin region and Joud Women Charity Society.