5,000 youth from nearly 120 countries to join Misk Global forum

November 11, 2019

Saudi Gazette report

The Misk Global Forum is set to hold deliberations in its fourth edition during Nov. 12-14 in Riyadh under the title “Work Reworked”, which is organized by Misk Initiative Center at Muhammad Bin Salman Foundation "Misk Foundation", Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Saturday.

The forum seeks to explore new trends and transformations in the world of work, with the presence of about 5,000 people, representing more than 120 countries around the world, and over 140 leading entrepreneurs.

The forum will discuss four topics: workforce, workflow, workplace and Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC).

The 2019 edition of the Misk Global Forum will focus on discovering the new trends and transformation in the world of work, considering also how the impact will differ across regions and the urban-rural divide.

During the two days, speakers and participants will develop good practices and empowering youth with the knowledge and skills to take the decisions they need to meet the challenge of change in a new era of work.

The Misk Global Forum aims to discover, develop and empower the youth to make them active participants in the future economy, to create a world youth platform for the exchange of knowledge and brief others from a close distance on their successful experiences so as to reach results, recommendations and initiatives for the betterment and development of the youth.

The Misk Global Forum brings young leaders, creators and thinkers together with established global innovators to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change.

It is the flagship global platform of the Misk Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic foundation established by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to discover, develop and empower young people in Saudi Arabia, and beyond to become active participants in the future economy.

This will have a positive impact on the youth in Saudi Arabia. It will also support the global efforts aiming at developing and empowering the youth worldwide.

Misk Global Forum CEO Al-Shaymaa Hamiduddeen said: “The subject of the forum this year “Work Reworked” will explore many ways to enhance creativity and build skills for a new world of work.”

She added: “The Forum will be an international platform bringing together nascent companies (startups), established global innovators, counselors and policy makers.”

November 11, 2019
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