Female traffic cops to act as road safety observers


Saudi Gazette report

After receiving vigorous training and rehabilitation sessions, women traffic police will be appointed as road security observers, according to local daily Al-Watan on Tuesday.

The Public Security and the special road safety forces are preparing safety tools for women to be appointed within the road security safety.

They are setting up special offices for the women traffic police in the regions of Riyadh, Qasim, Najran and Tabuk.

The offices were being prepared for the women which they will use to carry out their assignments of observing the road safety for motorists and pedestrians.

The Public Security has also started building special offices for the women in its main offices in various parts of the Kingdom.

The traffic safety equipment include special outfits, helmets, glasses and other tools aimed at protecting women against injuries, epidemics, bruises and others.

The directorate general of traffic is also closely supervising the vehicles to make sure that they are supplied with audio-visual warnings, air bags, spare tires, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, systems to shut down doors at times of emergency and fire-resisting seats.