Snake causes panic among girls in Madinah's Taibah University


Saudi Gazette report

A free-moving snake caused panic among girl students of Taibah University in Madinah, recently.

The department of safety and security of the university was able to capture the snake which was freely moving in the computer lab in the university, it said in a statement.

Security personnel, it said, safely evacuated the girl students from the lab and caught the snake which turned out to be non-poisonous and with no fangs.

The university said investigations proved that the snake was brought by one of the girl students to scare her colleagues and create panic among them.

The snake, which was imported from outside the Kingdom, sneaked out of the girl's bag and started moving in the lab.

The university said its concerned bodies visited the shop from which the girl had bought the snake to ascertain the information conveyed by her.

It said all the regular and legal actions will be taken against the girl. "The university is deeply concerned with the safety and well being of all the students to ensure an educational environment which is free from dangers and risks," it added.