MLSD set to classify profession in iqamas and visas at no cost

Ministry of labor
Ministry of labor

By Muhammad Al-Abdullah

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) is working on classifying of professions via preparing precise details on the term “worker (laborer)”, the Director of the Professional Examinations Program at the ministry Naif Al-Omair has disclosed to Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

Al-Omair said: “There is a program that aims to restructure the names of professions, whether in the iqamas (residence permits) or visas.”

In a workshop held recently at Asharqiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Eastern Province Chamber), Al-Omair has stressed that the ministry would not impose any fee on changing this profession. However, the worker will have to undergo a “professional test” for the new profession.

He added that there are plans to attach the lists of workers with the bids submitted for government projects. Al-Omair stressed that the government authorities will make it conditional to present a profession examination certificate for workers in all projects.

He mentioned that the program is studying “the skills record” of workers who possess several vocational professions.

However, he said that the program has not laid down the appropriate mechanism for the “skills record” till now, but it has started taking steps to find solutions for it (the “skills record”).