Autopsy delays burial of Sharourah student


Saudi Gazette report

Security authorities in the southern town of Sharourah, in Najran region, have stopped the burial of a student who was allegedly stabbed to death on Sunday, local press reports said.

Khaled Al-Nahdi, intermediate student, died in hospital after he was reportedly stabbed by his class mate during the school break.

The authorities have asked for an autopsy by the forensic doctor at Sharourah General Hospital before allowing burial of the victim.

The police have arrested the alleged culprit who reportedly used a sharp knife to stab Al-Nahdi just above the heart.

Investigators questioned several teachers and students about the case while the special investigation committee formed by the department of education continued probing the murder and the role of the supervisors.

The committee sought explanation from the supervisors how the arrested students was able to bring a sharp knife in the school premises.

Director of education, Fahd Ukala, said the fight between the two students took place inside the school during the break.

"Everything happened fast. The teachers transported the victim to the hospital and informed the security forces and all the other concerned bodies about the incident," he said.

The victim's father, Hamad Mohammed Al-Nahdi, said he had no knowledge of any previous differences between his son and the alleged killer and added that the fight between them took place at the school interval at about 11.30 a.m.

He said his 15-year-old son was a third year student at Abu Hurairah intermediate school and was known for his good manners and excellent performance in his studies.