Impeachment and the US election!


News related to next year’s American elections is of vital interest to the whole world because of the great weight and influence of the United States, as well as the fact that American democracy is one of the most successful and most important models in the world.

The US Congress, which is currently contemplating the impeachment and removal of the US president, is gathering evidence and documents, as well as obtaining the testimony of influential figures in the government.

The issue being investigated is whether or not the president applied pressure on a foreign country (Ukraine) in order to obtain information against his main rival in the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, whose son was once involved with a Ukrainian company. It is alleged that the president held up military aid to Ukraine to force it to investigate the Bidens.

At issue is the possible abuse of power and the weight of one branch of the American government over the others in a system that reveres, sanctifies and respects the principle of separation between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

There is a noticeable rise in the number of constitutional jurists in America, who believe that the charge against the president is sufficiently serious and supported by witnesses and documents, which makes it possible that the vice president, Mike Pence, will become the president. It is not guaranteed that he would issue a “presidential pardon” because it is thought that that would violate some of the conservative principles and beliefs that he defends.

The founding fathers of the US Constitution, especially Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, foresaw this kind of scenario, and Hamilton was keen to “fortify” the Constitution against the tyranny of power and the tyranny of the majority.

The upcoming presidential election and the drama of the president’s possible removal may be the most important events in America’s recent history, because they will determine the social and economic direction of the United States, along with important constitutional and legal considerations.

And we must remember that whatever happens in the United States never remains in that country alone. Follow the legal analyses as much as you focus on the political and economic impact of these important American events.