Young Saudi stabbed to death in Cairo; theft suspected cause


Saudi Gazette report

Rajih Saleh Saqan, a 25-year-old Saudi, was found dead in his rented furnished apartment in Al-Nuzha District in the east of Cairo, the Saudi embassy has said according to his family.

The embassy said two of the suspected murders were caught and search is still continuing for the third.

It said three criminals attacked Rajih in his apartment for the purpose of stealing his money and other belongings.

The embassy said the young Saudi was strangled by a bed sheet and was stabbed many times by a sharp knife in his chest and stomach.

Quoting the Egyptian security forces, the embassy said the three suspected killers were from Fayyoum, a Cairo agricultural suburb.

It said two of them, including the taxi driver who drove Rajih to his apartment, were apprehended and referred to the Public Prosecution prior to sending them to court charged with deliberate and first degree murder.

The family said Rajih arrived in Cairo three days before he was killed for a teeth implant.

According to the Egyptian police, the two suspected killers admitted their crime and said they came to know the victim through Facebook.

The police said the killers agreed to meet him in his apartment and confessed that as soon as they entered the apartment, one of them straggled him with a bed sheet while the other stabbed him till his death.

The family said after the taxi driver made sure that Rajih was living alone, he informed his accomplices who lost no time in coming to his apartment to commit their horrendous crime.

The family said Rajih's two mobile phones and some cash money were found with the murderers.

Rajih is unmarried. He has seven brothers. His father and mother are still alive. They are from Taraj district near the town of Bisha.