Occupation health and safety jobs Saudized


Saudi Gazette report

All occupation health and safety jobs in mega, big and medium enterprises have been Saudized. A decision to this effect was taken by Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi. The measure has been taken in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Friday.

The decision aims to enhance safety and health practices so that they contribute to the workers’ health and safety, protect the environment and safeguard properties.

This will also support creating job opportunities that can attract young Saudis in different regions of the Kingdom, in the private sector.

In addition, the decision will contribute to enhancing the concept of “an attractive work environment” and raise the percentage of participation of male and female citizens in the labor market.

The decision also includes two main levels of occupation health and safety officials — professionals and practitioners — a Saudization timetable, guidelines for implementing the plan for Saudization of occupations comprising an introduction and an explanation on/of the intended gradual Saudization of jobs, the activities targeted, the minimum level of Saudization required, and the requirements for Saudization.

The guidelines have been designed as a compulsory appendix to this decision, so that they help employers, employees and those concerned to know about the requirements for Saudization of occupation health and safety jobs.

The guidebook gives the percentages for enterprises according to their size and the various activities targeted for Saudization. The guidebook deals with the concepts of the safety professional and practitioner that this decision is targeting and the requirements for achieving it, the measures taken by the ministry to get the requirements of this decision implemented, aside from answering some “faqs” (frequently asked questions).