Abizaid: Washington is eager to participate in Vision 2030

US Ambassador John Abizaid speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette
US Ambassador John Abizaid speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette

By Ali Budair

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

TABUK — US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia John Abizaid affirmed his country’s keenness to have a major partnership with the Kingdom in achieving the goals of Vision 2030, which is led by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette during his recent visit to Tabuk, Abizaid expected more revival, growth and development for the Saudi regions in general, and for the promising Tabuk region in particular, in the near future.

“Whatever I saw in the region brings forth in me optimism for a bright future,” he said while lauding the outcome of his meeting with Emir of Tabuk Prince Fahd Bin Sultan.

“Whenever I have an opportunity, I used to visit Tabuk as I have seen a lot of natural scenes there such as diverse natural landscapes in Wadi Disah including the beauty of rock formation, streams of rivers, herbs and green trees, and oranges that are cultivated in the area by the local people.

“I saw children riding camels and singing in a painting that one rarely finds in many other places.”

Abizaid said he visited the museum and some other sites, which indicate that the future for tourism in the region would be fantastic. He pointed out that Tabuk is poised to embrace tourists from all parts of the world after facilitating the simplified visa procedures.

The region is witnessing gigantic development projects such as NEOM and the Red Sea project, all of which are attractive for promoting tourism in the region.

“Tabuk region is lying in the middle of natural and agricultural environment with hosting many industries and technological facilities,” he said, adding that his visit to the University of Tabuk shows that it represents the aspiration of a prosperous future for the entire region.

In a message to the people of Tabuk, Abizaid said: “The future of the Kingdom and the future of Tabuk are brilliant. There are myriad integrated opportunities for visitors, especially scores of opportunities in the fields of education, industry and agriculture.”