Crowds throng From Within art exhibition in Ad-Diriyah


Saudi Gazette report

Organized by the Ministry of Culture, From Within art exhibition received a promising turnout since its opening on Dec. 8. The exhibition includes artworks from 25 artists from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). These artworks deal with the relationship between man and architecture and how one can affect the other. From Within exhibition also includes a variety of artworks in many mediums: Paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations that raise questions about the relationship between architecture and human behavior, and how human experiences and the nature of society reflect on the substance of civilization development.

Amongst the attendees of the exhibition were a large number of local, regional, and international art enthusiasts. It also received favorable reviews among various groups of society with its innovative artworks that explore human experiences over time, and the nature of society reflecting on patterns of architecture.

From Within will run until Dec. 26, and is a part of the Quality of Life initiatives which is one of the programs that are designed to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 Vision. It is also part of a comprehensive plan developed by the Ministry of Culture to transform Ad-Diriyah into a contemporary arts area exhibiting art from the Kingdom and across the globe. The exhibition emphasizes the role of the ministry in supporting high-level artistic and cultural activities. The exhibition also highlights the ministry's pursuit to open doors for artists to showcase their talent and creativity to local and international audiences.