Young communicators do the star turn in family event


JEDDAH — The Young Communicators Club Jeddah (YCC) added yet another feather to its cap by holding the 5th YCC Family Event recently. YCC holds such family events periodically for parents to witness the improvement in their wards after a period of YCC training.

The event was unique, compared to the previous ones, as it was conducted, from start to finish, by the young communicators themselves. The event too was meticulously planned with the support of their mentors by these young communicators.

The YCC members were the day’s emcees, as they took the audience through the planned events with an introduction and repartee par excellence and a seamless effort in weaving the journey, as the directions were many and different.

A series of speeches were presented by the trainees on various topics from talking about self and their aspirations to sensitive issues like importance of competition, food habits, coping with emotional setback and anxiety.

Quite a few of the communicators spoke about the advantage of training at YCC and some made the audience laugh with their funny speeches.

With a view of enriching the parent-child relationship and communication, YCC included a gratitude segment in their event, where young communicators acknowledged the efforts of parents in their upbringing and expressed gratitude towards their parents while speaking on the stage.

The event was hosted by young communicators Sweedal Alvina Correa and Mahwash Fatima.

The opening speech by Alsha Fatima, a funny show and tell by Manaal Dilshad, speeches on YCC by Nitin Veluru and Juzer Ali, on time management by Meghaj K V, motivational speeches by Haya Khan and Harshitha Srinivas, humorous speeches by Fiza Ahmed and Adeena Fatima, presentation speech by Sreenanda Kurunghat, advanced topic speeches were presented by Mithun Veluru, Ahon Roy, Ashleen Serrao, Faiza Rafiq, and Rheetisha Roy that reflected the wide horizon of their thoughts, interest in studies and their ability to express their thoughts in a highly presentable manner.

Young communicators Ryan Samir, Maria Khan and Mohd. Arham Faiz expressed their gratitude to parents through their emotional speeches. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ashleen Serrao.

Certificate awarding ceremony was held after the speeches where young communicators received certificates for their achievements from chief guest L. Ramnarayan Iyer, eminent guests, Nusrat Khan, Rajeev Nair, Ashraf Aboobucker and director Jaspreet Kaur. The guests also inspired youngsters with their keep observation and inspiring comments.

The YCC mentors appreciated the parents for their efforts for providing opportunities to their children and supporting them in learning soft skills that can make them a confident and contributing member of the society.

The key mentor urged parents to be sensitive to the needs of children and guide them to achieve their goals, and to trust that children are equally appreciative and eager to make their parents proud, and all they need is ability and opportunity.

The YCC mentors vowed their continuous efforts in inducing a positive change in young children by inducing paradigm shift in their thought process making them confident to face current and upcoming challenges. — SG