UNESCO in Paris hosts Saudi calligrapher


PARIS – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hosted at its headquarters here last week a calligraphy exhibition for the Saudi Arabic calligrapher Othman Al-Khozaim.

The exhibition was entitled “Wordless letters” and held on the sidelines of the organization’s observing of the World Arabic Language Day.

The Kingdom’s permanent representative to UNESCO Dr. Ibrahim Bin Yusuf Al-Bluwi inaugurated the exhibition, in the presence of the organization’s officials, and enthusiasts in fine art and Arabic calligraphy.

The exhibition contains 30 works of Arabic calligraphy, written in various colors and styles. This is an extension of an earlier exhibition at the UN headquarters in Geneva held on Sept. 10 on the sidelines of the 42nd round of the UN Human Rights Council.

Speaking on Arabic calligraphy, the Saudi calligrapher Al-Khozaim said that Arabic calligraphy is an art that attracts many Westerners and people who love art in the world.

They see this art in verses of the Holy Qur’an written in a beautiful way. To them, Arabic calligraphy has a spiritual beauty that attracts them to the Arabic visual culture, like any person who appreciates art in the world, he said.

Al-Khozaim added that his works are an invitation to enjoy the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, whatever the viewer’s language and devoid of any influence of the word. This is similar to still pictures that do not have any descriptive caption.

If a description is provided, the work of art will lose its beauty. Therefore, it is from this perspective that this exhibition derived its title “Wordless letters”.

During the Paris exhibition, Al-Khozaim wrote the names of the French and other foreign visitors in Arabic with the aim of highlighting and instilling in the minds of these visitors the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. This gesture received a great response and was greatly admired.

Othman Al-Khozaim expressed pride in exhibiting his works in this important global edifice, as a Saudi citizen and an artist who has been given an opportunity to represent his country at UNESCO headquarters.

Al-Khozaim expressed his thanks to all of those who gave him this opportunity, which has in turn opened the way for Saudi art and artists to showcase their works abroad.

He added that this is due to the limitless support and care the Kingdom’s government provides talented and creative Saudi young men and women.

He prayed to Allah Almighty to protect the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and to make security, safety, progress and prosperity everlasting for the Kingdom. – SPA