Japanese ministerial team visits SEHAI


Saudi Gazette report

Ohuchi, deputy director-general Manufacturing Industries Bureau, and Hara, deputy director office for intellectual property right protection manufacturing industries bureau, from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, recently visited the office of the Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI).

Ohuchi and Hara toured the SEHAI premises to see what trainees are studying and understand how the study in SEHAI contributes to trainees’ future careers. Both of them understood that SEHAI provides a comprehensive training environment where trainees can acquire from English ability to technical expertise in well-furnished workshops. Particularly, when Ohuchi and Hara visited one of Japanese essence’s classes in SEHAI, called Monodukuri class (literally means “making of things” in Japanese) where trainees are made to understand electronic components and to work through building electronic devices by themselves, they had a good chance to know that SEHAI’s curriculum is not only teaching technical knowledge but also putting the emphasis on making trainees realize “learning technology is interesting”. The visit overall provided Ohuchi and Hara a good understanding that SEHAI is the institution which incorporates the know-how of Japanese teaching method and Saudi youth’s eagerness to lear.

SEHAI is a technical training institute established by the joint effort between the Saudi government and Japanese government and will also be considered as one of cooperation projects in Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 from 2020. SEHAI will definitely keep playing an important role as one of symbolic strategic partnerships between Saudi Arabia and Japan.