Almajdouie launches Changan 2020 models


JEDDAH — Almajdouie Motors Company, the authorized distributor of Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, officially launched Changan sports SUV model “CS95”, as well as the new generation of compact crossover model “CS35 Plus”, which represents a distinctive breakthrough of the compact SUV cars category, and the new generation Changan model “AlSVIN”, which has undergone improvement and modifications process.

The launch was held at the 41st Saudi International Motor Show which was held in Jeddah last December 10-14, in the presence of the General Manager of Changan International Corporation.

The CS95 features a new butterfly wing style front face that transmits a strong modern urban flavor, in addition to its spaciousness interior, as well as a powerful 2.0 CC turbo charged engine which produces 233 HP partied with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The car is equipped with a front camera that makes it capable of determine the lines of the track and warns the driver when deviating from his path, thus reduces the risk of accidents. The "CS95” can also automatically detect speed limit and avoid speeding when driving on express way.

The CS95 has excelled in its extreme heat challenge adventure both off-road and on long trips, where passengers have fully appreciated the high levels of advanced technologies and high comfort it offers.

The modern-design CS35 Plus is equipped with a 1.4 CC turbo charged engine that produces 156 HP a maximum torque of 260 Nm partied with a 7-speed automatic transmission and equipped with the latest safety technologies.

The AlSVIN car is fitted with a 1.5 CC engine that gives 105 HP partied with a 5-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and features latest innovative technologies to reflect the quality of Changan cars.

In his speech after the unveiling of the new models, Xiao Feng, GM of Changan International Corporation, said: "We are proud of our relationship with our dealer in Saudi Arabia, Almajdouie Motors, and we greatly appreciate the efforts they have made since the beginning of our partnership up to this point. The Saudi market is one of the most important markets for us, and by working with Almajdouie Motors, we are committed to providing the latest high-tech products, as well as the best after-sales services.”

He added: "We are pleased to unveil our new and distinctive models here in Saudi Arabia, which have achieved a great deal of acceptance since the launch of the first generation of our cars because of their positive specifications, and we are proud that all of our products launched in the Gulf region have undergone hundreds of tests of durability. As a result of these intensive tests, we are pleased to see today that the demand for Changan cars has risen dramatically around the world, so Changan has never stopped satisfying its customers.”

The participation of Almajdouie-Changan in the most prominent motor show in Saudi Arabia comes from its keenness to be present in local public forums and events to introduce its services and products, and to be as close as possible to its customers, within the general framework of its existing marketing strategy based on providing of integrated services to its customers under one roof.

In a new move to enter the light truck category, Changan “Pick-up", which also participated in Changan R&D Center test “Extreme Heat Challenge” last summer, was introduced at the show. — SG