SFDA bans the use of unconfirmed medical claims on fresh juice labeling

December 30, 2019

By Abdulhadi Al-Suwayyan

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has reaffirmed its ban on shops, cafes and restaurants using unconfirmed medical claims on labels of fresh juices, beverages and mixed juices, such as energy drinks “Qaher Al-Duhoon” and “Al-Khaltah Al-Sihriyyah”.

Furthermore, the SFDA has warned against printing misleading expressions in the list of ingredients of such beverages.

In this regard, the SFDA has sent a circular to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MMRA) comprising an update of the Saudi Bylaw No. SFDA FD 5001 concerning various types of fresh juices, fruit mixes and other beverages, like Subiya, liquorice and sugar cane juice.

The SFDA called upon juice shop owners to implement the new bylaw that aims to raise the nutrient value of fresh juices and their mixes that are served to the consumer. They should also list all ingredients clearly for the consumer as well as any fresh juice ingredients that might cause allergies.

The Authority said that it is permitted to add pulp during the preparation of fresh juices and mixed fresh juice. However, it banned adding sugar or any kind of natural or artificial sweeteners, ice cream, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, nectar, concentrates, artificially flavored powdered drinks, and additives like preservatives, colors and flavors.

As to fruit juice mixes and drinks, the SFDA has permitted adding what it had banned in fresh juices and mixed fruit juices, except for energy drinks.

The SFDA has stressed the need to employ the following nomenclature for juice products: “fresh fruit juice” if the product has been prepared from fresh fruits; “fruit cocktail juice” if the drink is prepared from fruit drink or fruit nectar with added water, sugar or otherwise and “mix” if the drink has been prepared from fruit drink, fruit nectar, or from both, and in which ice cream, sugar or the like, is added.

December 30, 2019
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