Tobacco companies ordered to deal with difference in flavor

January 04, 2020

RIYADH – The committee, with members of several government authorities to deal with the latest developments after the revamping of cigarette packs, has asked tobacco companies to deal with the issue of the change in taste and flavor discerned by consumers as soon as possible, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Saturday.

The committee has said that consumers of tobacco products have discerned some changes in the taste and flavor of tobacco products compared to what they were before the products’ outer packs was changed.

Following analyses and tests conducted by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) in coordination with one of the neutral international laboratories, the authority detected some differences in the characteristics related to taste and flavor of several tobacco products.

The committee further said that the bylaws have nothing to do with the approved standards and specifications, but this difference in taste or flavor could lead to a change in the consumer’s experience.

It added that based on this, the tobacco manufacturing companies have been directed and ordered to deal with this difference and amend these characteristics so that the flavor the consumer is used to is restored.

The committee stressed that tobacco manufacturing companies must mention the ingredients, date of production and country of origin on the cigarette pack as soon as possible, while maintaining the new pack.

The tobacco companies and their agents have been directed to interact with the consumers directly via the specialist liaison centers to receive the consumers’ complaints and observations and solve them under supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. — SPA

January 04, 2020
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