Zain KSA offers Google’s Mobile Data Plan services

January 11, 2020

RIYADH — In a step aiming to amplify its services and develop the Kingdom’s telecommunications sector, Zain KSA offers for the first time in the Kingdom the “Mobile Data Plan” feature to its Android user client base in collaboration with Google.

Through the Mobile Data Plan, subscribers with Android smart mobiles can benefit from personalized data solutions based on their needs through purchasing data plans, topping up their credit, and subscribing to data packages with ease and convenience. The service also enables them to monitor their data usage and be notified when credit is running low.

Commenting on this new offering, Zain KSA’s Vice President of Communication Rayan bin Abdullah Al Turki, said: “Zain KSA is proud to be a pioneer in launching its services as we continually seek to exceed our customers’ expectations by bringing them the latest telecommunications services and features ensuring they enjoy the best experience, we were a pioneer in offering WIFI calling, in App. stores Direct carrier billing, and finally the Mobile Data Plan for all Android users in collaboration with Google.”

With the Mobile Data Plan service, users can recharge their data credit simply through their phone settings by selecting the “Google” option followed by “Mobile Data Plan,” and then accepting the terms and conditions to access a list of services to choose from. — SG

January 11, 2020
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