Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Stability in the face of chaos

Naif Al-Fahhadi

An impartial observer will note that the Kingdom is ushering in the new year in a region where the acuteness of tension causes concern, in addition to the fear of the spread of cross-border terrorist activity.

However, in contrast to others in the region, the Kingdom continues to build stability, as it has throughout its long history, via a healthy diplomacy, whose two arms are organized institutions and effective allies.

When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in the capital, Riyadh, on a regional visit, which will also take him to the UAE and Oman, a new axis of global stability with all its political, economic and humanitarian aspects joined hands once again with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom can be described as a strategic actor in the search for stability in the region. It continues its work in areas in which fruitful discussions are characterized by effective accomplishment and in which sustainable stability takes the place of immediate gains.

During my work as the Kingdom’s ambassador to Japan, which is a great honor, I have witnessed the development of vital relations between the Kingdom and its allies and friends in general, and with Japan in particular.

In this regard, the wide distances between the east and west of the Asian continent have been decreased and the gaps bridged via continuous flights carrying working teams from both sides and from all walks of life and of all ages in the fields of energy, commerce, culture, sports and media.

I was very proud to see the importance my nation embodied via its officials and its sons in their readiness to embrace opportunities for growth and the potential for vital international relations.

The meetings between the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (May Allah Almighty protect them) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will focus on what was decided on earlier, what has been implemented, and the results expected during this new year.

They will concentrate on the ambitious goals of the Saudi-Japanese Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s hosting of the deliberations of the G20 later this year, and the latest details of concern to both sides, which support and secure their sustainable joint action.

By this I mean, security and safety in the air and on the high seas. What the two sides will discuss is stability and wellbeing which will underline the free and vital diplomacy for the future of all countries.

Sustainable stability is capable of spreading. This is the message of the Kingdom to its friends all over the world in the face of chaos.

* The author is the Kingdom’s ambassador to Japan.