National Theater Initiative to be launched Tuesday


Saudi Gazette report

The Saudi Ministry of Culture will inaugurate on Tuesday the National Theater Initiative in a ceremony at the King Fahd Cultural Center here, and the inaugural event will include staging of “Daraish Al-Nour,” which is the first product of the theater.

The play, which will be performed on Tuesday and Wednesday, tells the story of Saudi society in different times. It is written by the poet Saleh Zamanan and directed by Fatees Baqna, and the actors include Ibrahim Al-Hassawi, Naif Khalaf, Abdul Aziz Al-Mabdal, Shafi Al-Harthi, Khaled Saqr, and Shujaa Enthus, along with a group of young talents.

People from all segments of the society can gain entry to the theatrical performances on Tuesday and Wednesday through registering in the following link:

The “National Theater Initiative” comes in the context of the Ministry of Culture’s interest in theater and the support of activists in it as it is one of the cultural sectors that the ministry supports in its project to advance Saudi cultural activity in all its creative dimensions.

The initiative is a first practical step towards establishing an integrated theater system that supports theatrical production of higher quality and provides theater players with greater opportunities to perform theater activity with higher technical standards.

It also provides those interested in theater with specific theatrical works that reflect the richness of Saudi culture and the diversity of its aesthetic tracks.