Saudi Arabia’s development via evolution not revolution

February 25, 2020
Saudi Arabia’s development via evolution not revolution
Ekleel Badr Sallam

The true meaning of power is not independence, since ultimate power mainly is a relationship between countries, as a state always need others as allies, partners or sometimes assistants (supporters/satellite states).

Saudi Arabia, in that sense, exudes independence as many countries depend on it to take the lead. The Kingdom decides and acts not only to foster development, but also is needed and required for global economy and stability. The more the country is relied on the more freedom and power it has.

Like every country in its nascent stage of growth, Saudi Arabia too, through partnership evolved a strategy of development by carrying others along with them toward prosperity. But in the process friends turned foes or a list of enemies grew who look at the Saudi success with a jaundiced eye.

An evolving or developing country will have their fair share of friends and enemies. It is the country that has to discern this and act accordingly. Knowing your enemies too can be beneficial, as it would enable the country to plan their growth by avoiding the possible pitfalls set out by their foes.

In addition, it has been noted that a country without enemies grows slowly. That’s why Saudi Arabia, aware of this detrimental force, has always stayed alert and focused. Knowing the policies and politics have only sharpened its insight, stressed on overall development and avoided confrontational politics.

Every country has both inherent strengths and weaknesses. And it is up to the nation to choose its path. When it comes to Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom has managed to transform its weakness into power. But to do that the country needs to recognize, rectify and rationalize the areas of weakness first.

Take for example the empowerment of women in the last decade has gathered such a pace after the authorities shaped the fifty percent of its workforce with skills that build not only their career but the nation. With all the rights granted to Saudi women, in addition to those integrated by Islamic law, Saudi women have set a global benchmark with their efforts.

Saudi Arabia is a country of action not fantasy, focusing on development of its people, not interfering and criticizing the other nations. When Saudi Arabia realised that it has a high number of women in the talent pool, it empowered women by granting them high and leading positions inside and outside the Kingdom.

Unlike other countries that has freedom and quality as their slogan, Kingdom acts and rewards merit. In fact, in other countries only few women hold leading positions and no woman has even been able to make it to the presidency, in all those years.

Saudi Arabia achievements are the result of its efforts all the time, but it intelligently makes them look effortless. The Kingdom makes its actions and achievements seem natural, and it acts effortlessly without revealing the hard work behind it.

Realism emphasizes the impact of power, and the impact that Saudi Arabia’s power is its people and it is evident with the evolving development. The Kingdom encourages its citizens to participate in making the community strong, which further would make the country even more productive.

Saudi Arabia is in its golden period with an evolving young generation that believes in adopting modern skills while being rooted in its tradition, and they are being led by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman — a remarkable leader for many generations to come as an example of young fruitful leadership.

This synergy of the youth is the power of Saudi Arabia, which has proved to the world that in order for a country to develop, progress and advance, evolution is needed not revolution.

— The author is a Saudi political analyst specialized in International Relations. She can be reached at: ekleel.sallam@hotmail.com Twitter: @EkleelBS

February 25, 2020
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