Best reward!

March 18, 2020
Best reward!

Hussein Shobokshi

Various religions, systems and laws are urged to donate and do well in all its forms. In the business world, there are big businessmen who compete in the field of charitable work just as they do in the financial and business arenas.

There is Larry Ellison, who founded the technology company Oracle, which uses his donations in the fields of education and health care, and there is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook site, who too donates part of his wealth to boost education and medical research. He even built a great hospital in San Francisco named after him.

There is Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, who directed most of his contributions to Parkinson's treatment research, and of course there is the wonderful Bill Gates, who donated half of his $90 billion wealth to fund various charitable projects, one of the most important directions was to eliminate malaria in the African continent.

Amid the disturbing news of corona, the news of the beautiful donation of the makers of Hope Program sponsored by the Dubai government, including the donation to the Cardiac Hospital by Dr. Majdi Yaqoub was very welcome.

There’s a great need to support scientific and medical research specifically these days as the world is following with great disbelief and sadness the repercussions of the infections and the spread of the new Corona virus disease around the world.

Researchers and doctors are racing against time trying to find a vaccine to fight off this deadly disease.

Quite calmly and with hard work, the scientific, academic and health circles around the world received a resounding news, which is Lab G (Abdul Latif Jameel Laboratory for Machine Learning in Health) and the scientific team at the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (one of the most prestigious universities in the world) have discovered using artificial intelligence through learning mechanism a new antibiotic mixture that enables it to eliminate types of bacteria that were resistant to traditional antibiotics.

Among the targeted bacteria were TB and other intractable and complex types, in addition to the first two types, in the three most important types of dangerous bacteria according to World Health Organization. The great scientific news was reported by news agencies and leading Western newspapers, and the welcome news was received warmly.

It also demonstrated the possibility of using artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind in a proper way, following news that AI could in future replace man and throw the whole human race in a quandary by replacing man with AI.

This laboratory, which was established by the Abdul Latif Jameel Group in Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has provided this successful news as a result of this cooperation, and is the second such success of this cooperation.

As the Abdul Latif Jameel Group has a laboratory to fight poverty, the team won the Nobel Prize for Economics. A Saudi company that stands out in exceptional areas to serve humanity is a cause for pride. Especially their successful model to harness money and science to serve good, and in this let competitors compete.

The doors of goodness are great and many and perhaps the most important returns in the business world will always be dealt by God.

March 18, 2020
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