2,500 quarantine cases leave 14-day hospitality facilities 

A patients bids goodbye to the health staff. -- SPA

Saudi Gazette report

More than 2,500 quarantined people on Monday left various health hospitality facilities after 14 days, the Ministry of Health announced on Monday. It said their novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests were negative.

In a statement carried by Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the ministry disclosed that the cases completed all required medical procedures and examinations amid follow-up of integrated medical cadres, including doctors, specialists and nurses.

The Health Ministry has provided various services to the guests, in addition to its communication with the persons socially and psychologically via internal screens in the hospitality facilities with allocation of a phone number for awareness, medical and psychological consultations, indicating that it also cooperates with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) for moving the cases which have been quarantined outside their cities.

All those leaving the quarantine facility thanked the Ministry of Health for great services and the overall care accorded to them.