Yemen denounces Qatar for supporting Iran in destabilizing the region

Yemen's Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani

Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — The Yemeni government on Tuesday denounced Qatar for supporting the nefarious Iranian project of destabilizing the region, warning Doha against exploiting the Yemeni situation in its dispute with Saudi Arabia.

Yemen's Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani accused Qatar of supporting the Houthi militia politically and with the state funded media.

"Qatar's position has become identical with that of the Iranian project in Yemen," Al-Eryani said. “The Houthi militia has thrown itself into the arms of Doha for media and political support, he added.

Warning that history will not forget the bloodshed caused by Iran in Yemen, Al-Eryani called on Qatar to review its policies and to distance itself from the war in Yemen.

“Brothers in Qatar are mistaken if they believed they are immune from the Khomeini revolution and the Iranian expansionist, and in turning Yemen into arena to settle score and disregard difficult political, security, economic and humanitarian conditions of an exhausted country that can’t stand more adventures,” Al-Eryani said in tweet.

“We call Qatar and Al-Jazeera, who endorse Iranian project in Yemen and its Houthi proxy, who obtain Doha’s support political and media coverage, to review its policies and distance itself from the Yemeni bloodshed with mullahs, as history will have no mercy on them,” he added in his tweet.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s Information Ministry Undersecretary Abdelbaset Al-Qaadi expressed frustration with the Qatari political and media role in supporting Houthi militias. He said that Qatar’s rivalry with Saudi Arabia must not justify Doha’s immorality in the dealing with the Yemeni file.

Al-Qaadi urged Qatar to be reasonable and not side with Houthis, who represent a danger not only to Yemen, but also to everyone in the region.