Modalities of facilitating the return of expats to homelands set


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development have worked out the modalities of facilitating the return of expatriates working in the Kingdom to their homelands, despite the travel ban ensuing from the precautionary measures to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry, which had announced on April 1 that it was working, in coordination with a number of relevant government agencies on an extraordinary initiative that would enable some expatriate workers to return to their countries, has set out the terms and conditions to be fulfilled for the expats to be sent home.

This initiative is aimed mainly to facilitate the return of those expatriates whose contracts with their employers have come to an end.

“This initiative comes as an extension of the humanitarian stance taken by the Saudi government, as well as its keenness on meeting the needs of expatriates.

“This is also in response to the desire of some of the expatriates to return to their countries in light of the current situation arising out of the preventive and precautionary measures that have been taken to stem the spread of coronavirus,” sources in the Ministry said.

Terms and conditions

• The service is accessible to the entity’s authorized representative.

• The service is accessible to operating entities only

• The eligibility is limited to the expats who are currently employed.

• Applicants are permitted to submit one application every 14 days, so the details of all expats interested in the service should be included in one application.

• The names of the employees should be entered in English, as written in their passports

The steps to be followed before submitting the online application:

• Issue the final exit or Exit/Re-Entry visa from MoI for all employees.

• Finalize the end of service process for the employees.

• Complete the medical examination of the employees as per the MoH requirements.

• Cooperate with the MoH regarding the cases that require medical attention and traveling is not possible.

• Purchase the airline tickets and abide by the air carrier’s stated timings.

• Transport the employees to the travel terminal, and ensure completion of all travel procedures.

• The entity and its representative shall bear all legal consequences, if the information provided is not in accordance with the above.

To take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, employers of expatriates interested in this service are advised to officially apply online at