Judge, officer and businessmen probed on charges of corruption, bribery and abuse of power

April 11, 2020

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

An official source at the Control and Anti-corruption Authority (Nazaha) has stated that the commission has started procedures for investigating a general court judge in one of the Kingdom’s regions after receiving a report that the judge had received bribes related to cases he was handling. He was also involved in dealing in trade.

The results of investigations have proved the report against the judge to be true. They also showed that several others were also involved in the bribery (graft) case.

They included the middleman who was appointed by the judge to receive the cash bribes in cooperation with the judge’s brother (an officer with the rank of colonel), businessmen and a lawyer.

The charges against them included receiving bribes, money laundering, taking part in confiscating public funds, abuse of power due to his post, and abuse of administrative authority.

The judge has been arrested after completion of procedures for his arrest and detention from the Supreme Judicial Council in line with Article 68 of the judicial system.

All the detained suspects have admitted to the charges leveled against them and work is under way to refer them to the court after completion of all procedures.

The Commission has stressed that what the judge has done is an individual conduct that does not represent the integrity, competence and justice of judges in the Kingdom.

The Commission values the role of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice in the constant coordination so as to protect the independence of the judiciary and not to influence judges in their functions.

Nazaha has also detained a group of people including citizens and expatriates who violated the curfew and offered bribes to the security men in return for releasing them and not to issue any violation against them.

Some of them resorted to assaulting the security men after the latter refused to accept any bribes. They went to the extent of causing damages to the official government vehicles.

The Commission said that the violators were investigated and taken to the General Prison.

Work is under way to refer them to the Criminal Court to issue the maximum penalties in line with the regulations against them for violating the orders and directives and belittling the efforts being exerted by the official authorities to counter this pandemic, insulting the security men who have placed themselves at the disposal of the state and serving this nation and its sons.

The Commission stressed that it is forging ahead in exercising its powers in line with the rule of law, and implementing the regulations against anyone who illegally encroaches on public funds or violates his duties as stipulated by the regulations.

The Commission has stressed that any employee abusing his powers or breaching his job duties is not in line with the policy of state institutions in providing their services to the citizens and expatriates with administrative flexibility, and facilitating procedures in line with the regulations.

This is also with the objective of achieving the public interest and the aspirations of the rulers (May Allah Almighty protect them).

April 11, 2020
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