Some ask: Why do they hate Saudi Arabia?

April 17, 2020
Some ask: Why do they hate Saudi Arabia?

Mohammed Almuadi

Why this lying in wait and focusing on everything Saudi? Why are they trying to belittle the Kingdom’s achievements? Why are they trying to demonize Saudi Arabia? Why, why and why?

This despite the Kingdom promoting good throughout its history and at present, being a source of inspiration for providing humanitarian support and aid to the poor countries and communities.

It is also a source of support for development efforts and establishing peace, providing hundreds of billions of dollars for social and economic development from which needy peoples have benefited, and the Kingdom siding with and supporting just causes, among others.

Despite the Kingdom’s clear, positive effects on the international community, especially the poor countries, there are people who are lying in wait for the Kingdom, are working hard, day and night, to harm the country, undermine its interests, and tarnish its true image via media whose agendas are known to all.

The Kingdom is the country, which Allah Almighty has honored with the Two Holy Mosques and the holy sites. It is the country that is the Qiblah of all Muslims (towards which they perform all their prayers).

It is a destination for all who love tourism, characterized by its uniqueness, respecting privacy and an environment that is not available in any other country in the world.

Despite all these, it has remained the main target of some countries through their intelligence agencies, media and mercenaries with the aim of distorting its true image, undermining its unity and the firm cohesion between the people and their prudent leadership, influencing its economy, undermining its security and stability and targeting its leadership.

Throughout the past decades, Saudis have preferred to remain silent, and ignore and forgive those clear animosities because they know for sure that their country is a state promoting peace and not ambitions.

Furthermore, they understand that the bounties Allah Almighty has granted this country, always makes them feel reassured and proud. Hence, they keep away from this quagmire, in which others from some neighboring countries, have fallen.

They must understand that Saudi Arabia’s silence is due to its wisdom and patience. Those who exceed the proper bounds must beware the fury of those who have opted to remain patient.

The more intense the smear campaign becomes, the more the conspiracy for disintegrating and dividing the country gets exposed and the more the sleeping cells that they have planted and fed, begin to surface. Their schemes become conspicuous to all after deceiving so many people with those campaigns, earlier.

They stabbed the nation in the back, reneged on it and showed sheer ingratitude to the land on which they lived and fed on its bounties. They disparaged the leadership, insulted the religious scholars and ridiculed its desert.

All these were not a mere coincidence, but they were the result of media campaigns and mobilization of every person in whom they saw a seed of hate towards this proud nation.

The moment our country’s leadership wanted to rectify matters and restore the situation to its proper status, to expose the real situation, to boycott the source of sedition and bring it back to normal, the serpents started slithering out of their hideouts and the more exposed those countries became along with their dreams to restore the Caliphate and surround the Kingdom with their ideologies.

Due to the Saudi people’s strong belief and full conviction in the fierce war their government is waging against those who have harmed Saudi Arabia, exposing the hundreds who tried to escape the choppy waves but failed and retreated with every day this war was intensifying against those who are harming, insulting and conspiring against the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has achieved great success.

In this regard, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, was not mistaken when he wagered on the Saudi people and likened them to the formidable Tuwaiq Mountain.

Saudis have proved that their front is fortified both in times of peace and war. Whoever tries to harm their country and its leadership is destined to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

April 17, 2020
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