KAMC using robots in serving coronavirus patients


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah, representing the Jeddah Health Affairs Department, is using robotics technology in serving people infected with coronavirus.

The robotics technology contributes to reducing the spread of infection between the medical and nursing staff and patients and reducing the use of preventive medical instruments.

Robots are being used instead of medical stethoscope, cameras for ear and eye examination with close-up feature and camera for remote skin examination via a compact camera of high accuracy.

Robots are also using tools that enable the medical and nursing staff to diagnose patients infected with coronavirus.

Robots also help in the provision of medical consultations, reading vital signs and indicators, including radiographic images, and looking at the patient’s file in full by using an application on smart phones remotely controlled directly from any location.

Also, the medical and nursing staff can quickly respond in providing the best medical services from any location inside or outside the medical complex.

Robots also allow automatic access for the staff to all isolation rooms as well as to move between them after pre-programming the same device with sterilization procedures, when exiting each room, and enabling the doctor to self-move within the isolation suite and access to the patient’s bed and provide medical service with ease.