Rafeeg – an all-new mobile app for a ‘smarter way to maintenance’

April 24, 2020
Khamis AlSheryani — Rafeeg, CEO.
Khamis AlSheryani — Rafeeg, CEO.

DUBAI — Recently launched in the UAE, Rafeeg is a first-of-its-kind mobile app in the region to deliver a simple yet efficient method for both retailers and customers to offer and sell a wide selection of maintenance services provided by certified UAE companies and expertise. Rafeeg presents its shoppers with trusted and unbeatable prices and expertise on every-day services and caters to business division by increasing the services demand, while providing best practices and offers, one purchase at a time.

Specialized in local service providing to the home maintenance, maid services and interior design, Rafeeg App delivers services to homes throughout the UAE and with further locations to cover all the UAE emirates. Following the success of the app presents in the year 2017 within the capital Abu Dhabi, the online sales have been growing by trip-digits since social distancing went into effect, especially with the hyperdrive impact of COVID-19 on the e-commerce.

More customers are trying online services via different platforms fresh than ever before, if they can even get a delivery slot. It’s far from just toilet paper or fresh food. Everything from high end market products, food and maintenance services are seeing a surge in demand.

Khamis Al Sheryani, the founder of Rafeeg App said, “Brands who are already well prepared for e-commerce and are high on the maturity curve certainly have an advantage. But most unfortunately are not prepared. We at Rafeeg have been ready to deal with this situation from the start with several precautionary measures to ensure business reliability and customer application safety. These procedures are divided into:

A- Administrative procedures

B- Safety measures

a. During the implementation of works

b. After carrying out the works

For administration procedures at Rafeeg, we put a plan for several scenarios and responses to ensure the continuity of our internal operational work, all works related to services providers (companies) affiliated with the application. Also, we’ve been monitoring the situation development based on reliable news sources and updating our plans accordingly to ensure reduction of the impacts of such a crisis on both the application and our affiliates who are the service providers.

Al Sheryani added, “While on the safety level, we used some certain measurements to cover the process during implementation of works and after that once the work is done.”

Such example of safety level during the implementation of the works:

A) Wear a protective mask all the time

B) Self-sterilization and sterilization of the materials before entering the site and presence of our client or customer

C) Keep safe distance between individuals wither clients or works

Such practices we admit after completion of the work:

A) The service providers, our affiliate (the company) must complete the cleaning and disinfection (sterilization) process of the place they have worked on.

B) The customer care staff at Rafeeg communicate with the customers to check and follow up on commitment to meet our safety measurements.

C) In case any service provider (the company) fails to commit to these standards, their account on our App will be immediately frozen in order to preserve the safety of the users of our application.

Al Sheryani said: “ We’ve noticed a huge demand for such services and witness a lack in providers and resources for such. This was one of the biggest challenges that motivated us to collaborate with popular experts in each field in order to provide our customers competitive prices with the best services.

“So, through having an advanced technology platform to serve the needs of clients & customers alike. And as a result of our effort since we’ve started last year, we are pleased to partner with well-known suppliers and services providers to ensure quality and transparency for our Affiliates and customers.” — SG

April 24, 2020
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