Bahrain COVID-19 campaign raises $100 million to support the needy

May 08, 2020
File photo of EDB
File photo of EDB

MANAMA — A humanitarian campaign hosted by Bahrain to support the needy during COVID-19 has raised $100 million in just two weeks.

The kingdom’s 'There Is Good in Us' fundraising drive has so far received donations from more than 40,000 individuals and 500 institutions, adding to the existing national action program which has seen the Middle East ranked fifth in the world for testing rates.

Public sector institutions and corporations have made large contributions to the total of $100 million.

Dr Mustafa Al Sayed, secretary-general of the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, said: "The results proudly confirm the contribution and support of all members of society in our national campaign.

"We appreciate the speed of their response in meeting the call of the nation, which reflects the solidarity of the leadership, the people and everyone who lives in Bahrain."

This week, the campaign’s coordinating committee distributed 32,000 iftar meals with efforts under way to increase the numbers.

The $100 million contributions add to an $11.4 billion package of support announced by the Bahrain government earlier this year to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19, equivalent to 29.6 percent of the country’s annual GDP.

The measures include covering electricity and water bills for three months, waiving several government fees and paying the salaries of more than 100,000 citizens employed in the private sector.

Labour Fund Tamkeen has also launched the Business Continuity Support Program to support small and micro-enterprises that are affected by COVID-19. — SG

May 08, 2020
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