Over 85,000 Saudis registered to return home

MoFA: It’s not mandatory for citizens to return from abroad


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — It is not mandatory for Saudi citizens, who are residing in various foreign countries, to return home in the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

“As of June 4, the “Awdah” service at the ministry’s online portal has received more than 85,000 requests for return from citizens residing in 122 countries around the world,” said Ahmed Al-Tuwayan, director general of the Communications and New Media Center at the ministry.

Speaking to Saudi Television channel on Wednesday, he said that it is up to the citizens to decide whether to return home or not.

“Awdah is an optional service, not compulsory, for the citizens to return home if they desire so, and the embassies are taking care of the citizens in the countries in which they are residing,” he said.

Al-Tuwayan said that all those who registered their name on the portal to return to Saudi Arabia would be brought back.

“There are a few numbers of citizens who intend to return from some destinations abroad and they will be grouped to return from one embarkation point.

“The embassies’ efforts are great in dealing with the return of citizens to the Kingdom, even from countries where there are no embassies,” he said.

He added that a non-resident ambassador will be in charge of bringing back citizens from such countries to an embarkation point,” he added.