ICESCO calls for joint action to conserve biological diversity


RABAT — The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) called for joint action to conserve biological diversity, and to adopt a joint environmental action proposal based on lessons learned from the novel Coronavirus crisis, especially those related to the preservation and balance of environmental diversity in various ecosystems, in forests, seas, agricultural systems, ecotourism and urban environment.

In a statement issued Friday on the occasion of the World Environment Day, the ICESCO affirmed its support for environmental action programs prepared and implemented by countries, governments, organizations interested in the environment, entrepreneurs and scientists, believing that the mankind is endangered to extinction unless all of these parties organize in close cooperation with them to maintain the nature.

The ICESCO pointed out that biological diversity is the safety valve for a healthy and developed environment that must have the position it deserves in joint environmental action programs, highlighting that the mankind depends on stable and healthy ecosystems, and urgent measures must be taken to put the world on the right path to achieve a more sustainable future. — SPA