SDRPY extends a helping hand in bringing life to normal in rain-hit Aden


Saudi Gazette report

ADEN — The Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction of Yemen (SDRPY) took part, along the side of Yemeni governmental authorities, in efforts exerted to bring life to the normal to Aden, the provisional capital of the country, following torrential rains and destructive flash floods that blocked roads, disrupted traffic and cut off a power station, in Hasswah.

Over 17,940 direct beneficiaries have taken advantage of the program, on the first day, as well as another 20,173 indirect beneficiaries, who were served by scores of workers, organizations and volunteers.

The SDRPY began its operation after setting up an operation room and roping in field teams to remove and dispose waste from different parts of the city.

The work of the program also included the draining out rainwater from many places using the equipment and machinery of the program which included bulldozers, 5 trucks with a capacity of 12 tons, 4 trucks with a capacity of 3 tons, and 9 tanks to dispose water and a Bobcat.

The program as part of its campaign seeks to help the people, open the roads, and drain the water from power stations to facilitate the return of the electrical service, while its priorities include withdrawing water from the camps for the displaced, in addition to the campaign to spray pesticides after rains recede.

It is worth noting that the Saudi SDRPY is carrying out its "Aden Ajmal" campaign focusing on hygiene and environmental sanitation in the temporary capital of Yemen. As part of its first phase, the campaign made great progress and it is currently working on its second phase.

The campaign aims to contribute to raising the efficiency and quality of the healthy and environmental life of Aden by supporting the concerned local authority responsible for environmental sanitation in the governorate.