The unscrupulous Erdogan


Many people thought that the “export of the revolution” or in another sense the export of unrest and problems beyond its borders was the monopoly of the regime of rogue mullahs. However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is striving, in a competition with Iran, to grab the title as he seeks to undermine the security and stability of the Arab countries, which he believes should be under the yoke of the "Ottoman Sultan", who is historically known as the “Sick man of Europe.”

Erdogan’s forces have spread destruction and death in northwestern Syria as well as on the Libyan soil, in addition to their interference in northern Iraq and setting up a military base in Qatar.

Erdogan, in his capacity as the franchisee of the Brotherhood, encourages the outfit to usurp the rights of Arabs over their policies and independence. He hosts the elements of Brotherhood, who are opening offices in Istanbul and Ankara in their bid to attack the Arab countries.

Some of these elements implement the outfit’s plans in Egypt while another team is specialized in plotting against the stability of the transitional government in Sudan. And a third team is working with the Brotherhood branches in the Arab Maghreb region, especially in Tunisia and Morocco. As for the Brotherhood teams entrusted with destabilizing Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, they indulge in acts of sabotage and conspiracies from Istanbul and the Qatari capital of Doha, part of which, Erdogan occupies in the name of the “Turkish military base.”

There are Erdoganian Brotherhood groups, who have been hired and entrusted with the task of spreading sedition, hatred, and terrorism, through satellite channels that are transmitting their toxins from Istanbul. These include the channel Erdogan has established for the traitor Tawakkol Karman, to engage in activities against her country, Yemen, and the Gulf states. Many people may be surprised as to why don't disputes break out among these evil regimes and groups?

The truth is that their differences are incalculable, even though these thieves appear on the scene as those representing a monolithic ideology, featuring the Erdoganian — Brotherhood mixture.
It is a toxic mixture made up of the Brotherhood elements getting enhanced cooperation from the new Ottoman Sultan and the ISIS outfit, as well as with Iran, which has its subversive arms and gangs of the Brotherhood, and the regime of “Hamadain” with an aim of dominating the Arab countries to thwart their capabilities and gains and infringe upon their sovereignty.

What is of certainty is that Erdogan’s policies have failed and been exposed as he used religion with the help of criminals, making him “unscrupulous.” A day will come when he faces the hour of reckoning as it is what the Turkish opposition is looking forward to.