People not adhering to social distancing rules: MoH spokesman


Saudi Gazette report

The increasing number of coronavirus infections in the country is mainly due to a lack of adherence with social distancing measures, the health ministry spokesman said here on Sunday.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali said the increase in the rate of infection, which had dropped to a low of one percent in May, is an indication that some citizens and residents have not been following preventative measures and not avoiding large gatherings.

The Kingdom on Sunday reported its highest daily number of new cases, with 4,233 infections detected in just 24 hours. Most of the new cases were found in the capital Riyadh, where officials say hundreds have failed to comply with public health measures.

“We have two paths in front of us. This rate could increase, infections may rise, and its spread could rise if members of the public continue to not adhere to preventative measures in several places, especially in places where there is a number of people around them,” Dr. Al-Abdel Ali said.

“The public could also take matters into their own hands and follow the preventative measures and return to our normal lives with caution so that the rate of infection decreases again,” he added.

The plan to ease restrictions in most areas in the Kingdom is being implemented as expected, according to the spokesman.

However, some areas are falling behind, but are being closely monitored by authorities to determine a better suited plan to ensure the situation does not worsen, he said.