Egypt draws the line

June 22, 2020
Egypt draws the line
Jameel Altheyabi

A brave Arab stance on the part of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi signals some significant implications in view of its timing and place. In his declaration about Egypt’s readiness to intervene militarily in Libya, represents a move to stop the attempts for expansion of the new Ottoman regime. This expansionist move targets not only Libya and Egypt but rather seeks to expand and impose Turkish hegemony on Arab countries.

June 20, 2020, will be remembered as a historic day featuring a milestone in the confrontation between the sovereign Arab National State Scheme, and plans aimed at spreading chaos, destruction and delusion of the alleged Brotherhood Caliphate supported by the sick Turkish man Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

El-Sisi — in the name of his country and Arab national security — challenged the Turkish terrorist, who is being imprudently funded by the Hamadain regime, the largest supporter of Ankara in stirring up the Libyan chaos. This was confirmed by the assertions of the Libyan parliament, which called for activating the joint Arab defense agreement to defeat the Turkish conspiracy against Libya and other Arab countries.

It is certain that the Egyptian army, which has vast experience in wars since 1940s, has the capability to stop the Turkish designs in Libya. It must be noted the Libyan popular will, despite all the divisions, rejects the new Ottoman occupation as well as the expansionist designs of the Erdogan-Brotherhood union.

The world had witnessed the great sacrifices of the Libyan people in defeating Italian colonialism, and it is the same will, sway and courage with which the Libyans will defeat the miserable Ottoman-Brotherhood schemes.

The echoes of the Erdogan defeat in Turkey will be heard in the tiny Hamadain state, which hosts the treacherous leaders of the Brotherhood and their supporters from extremist and terrorist groups for whom Doha generously spends from the money of the Qatari people.

The issue is not a question of capabilities as imagined by the delusive Erdogan and his appendages in Doha. Rather, the greatest weakness of the Erdoganian- Brotherhood Caliphate scheme is that it carries the seed of its mortality in its belly.

The sovereignty of the Arab states and their control over the fate of their peoples is a central element in the comprehensive Arab security project, which is also an integral part of global security and peace.

Therefore, President El-Sisi’s brave decision was met with strong support and acceptance from Saudi Arabia, which emphasized that Egypt’s security is an integral part of the security of the Kingdom and the entire Arab nation. The Kingdom also reiterated that it stands with Egypt in its right to defend its borders and people from extremism, mercenary and terrorist militias and their supporters in the region.

El-Sisi’s stance also found support from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan. He did not encounter any objection in the international positions, especially from world powers such as the United States, because Erdogan is simply a “seller of delusion,” and has no allies except the bad guys who are united by the ideology of empowering the Brotherhood and spreading chaos under the pretext of reviving the alleged caliphate.

What is certain is that the Egyptian army, with great experience in wars, is capable of defeating the new Ottoman regime, as it had put an end to the illusions of the Brotherhood that sought to impose its control over Egypt. Similarly, the Arab world won’t accept the prospect of being led by Ankara, Tehran or others, and the Arab loyal sons will destroy all the machinations of the demonic invaders.

June 22, 2020
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