Al-Hail: Qatar tried to destroy the Gaddafi tent leaks

June 27, 2020
Prominent Qatari dissident Khaled Al-Hail .
Prominent Qatari dissident Khaled Al-Hail .

Okaz/ Saudi Gazette report

Prominent Qatari dissident Khaled Al-Hail confirmed that he obtained the Gaddafi tent leaks with great difficulty, and would be releasing the leaks, which he termed dynamite, soon.

Gaddafi tent leaks are recordings of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose conversations were taped in secrecy by the Libyan Intelligence.

In an exclusive interview with Okaz, he stressed that Qatar had planned to obtain and destroy the records that would have incriminated the Gulf State.

Al-Hail revealed that the tapes contained plots that are just too many, and that 90% of them were planned with the aim to topple the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He reiterated the fact that it was the Libyan Intelligence that recorded the meetings without Gaddafi’s knowledge, and indicated that he would soon publish the leaks, which he described as "Thunderbolts", containing new names, which will shock society.

He stressed that public interest requires the need to expose the criminal organization of the Hamadein regime and its Ottoman and Iranian agents, who are the main target of Khaled Al-Hail leaks.

“I have recordings that may bring down regimes. The way those recordings forced Hamad Bin Khalifa to abdicate, they may force regimes and presidents to step down from the seat of power,” he stressed.

He attributed the publication of the leaks at present to the recent infiltration of the “Muslim Brotherhood" among members of the Arab and Gulf society in a horrific way, citing the ruler of Al-Mutairi and other followers of political Islam, as examples.

Al-Hail stressed the necessity to expose the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Ottoman and Iranian lobby.

He asserted that at the time of the Libyan revolution, when the Qatari regime elements entered the Aziziyah Gate and hoisted the Qatari flag, their goal was to burn and destroy Gaddafi’s entire archives.

He drew attention to the existence of honorable Saudi records with Gaddafi, and said, "The Saudi position is keen to help Libya come out of its crisis."

June 27, 2020
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