Tabuk boasts of serene beaches, stunning natural scenes  

The region produces 19 million flowers a year


Saudi Gazette report

TABUK — Tabuk is unique for its exquisite natural wonders such as majestic mountains, serene seacoasts, picturesque valleys, and numerous historic places and heritage sites.

Spread over an area of more than 136,000 square kilometers, the Kingdom’s northwestern region boasts of having all the components of an attractive geographical location where the land meets with a sea of pristine blue waters, the valley with trees, and sand with stone.

The interior regions of Tabuk produce 19 million flowers annually and that makes the region the favorite destination of rose lovers from within and outside the Kingdom.

With the rotation of four seasons every year, Tabuk continues to keep its beauty for each season throughout the year, thus becoming one of the most important tourist destinations in the Kingdom.

It has a strategic location that gives it a unique view of the Red Sea, and in its snowy mountains, people of Tabuk share the feeling of winter so that whiteness turns a fun for photographers and skateboarding enthusiasts.

The valleys of Tabuk are ideal destination for picnickers and tourists. The picturesque green valleys include Atana, Al-Baqar, Hasmy, Dham, and Abu Nasheefah.

During the daytime, especially in winter and spring, picnickers frequent these valleys where they erect tents as they live away from the sweltering summer heat and busy city life. When the night falls, they reflect on the beauty of the stars that shine in the sky and the moon around it, pondering over the wonders of the divine creativity.

A number of desert picnickers and their families enjoy the beauty of the natural wonders of Tabuk in the vast landscape between the Sharma Center, Tabuk city and the Hasmi Plateau, which is about 80 km from Tabuk toward Haql governorate.

Haql, located on the northwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is characterized by its ancient stratified sands and moderate weather in the summer. It is located near the Gulf of Aqba and the reefs in this area of sea are pristine and populated with diverse flora and fauna.

In the southeast of Tabuk lies Tayma governorate, an oasis city, which is known for several archaeological and heritage sites, which includes the Haddah Well, a major stopover for caravans for centuries.

Tabuk, with its serene beaches, is an ideal destination for sea lovers and scuba diving in the region on its coast that extends over a distance of 700 km along the Red Sea, representing 18 percent of the Kingdom’s seacoasts.

The seawater in Tabuk has a biodiversity that contributed to making it an attractive place for hunting and diving enthusiasts of various nationalities. The stunning mountain ranges overlooking the majestic Disa Valley, and the Zaita Desert embroidered with monuments of ancient human civilizations, are mesmerizing scenes for visitors.