Al-Sheikh orders creation of International and Foreign Education Department


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Minister of Education Al-Sheikh issued an order to establish a general administration titled “General Administration for International and Foreign Education” and an administrative unit named “Unit for Assessing Performance of Private Education.” The department and unit will be under the jurisdiction of the deputy minister for general and private education.

The minister decided to establish international and foreign general education offices in education departments of Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh, Jeddah and the Eastern Province. The decision also included appointing an international and foreign education supervisor in those education departments in whose jurisdiction there are more than 10 international and foreign schools, and the supervisors are technically linked to the private general education agency, and administratively to the director of education.

The General Administration for International and Foreign Education shall set the terms and conditions for issuance of licenses of international and foreign schools, institutes, language centers, and cultural centers. It will also study licensing requests and issuing recommendations in this regard, prepare standards for professional licenses for the staff of international and foreign schools in coordination with the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, work out the regulatory bylaw for violations and their penalties, in addition to making studies about fixation of the tuition fee.

The tasks of the new administration also include preparation and follow-up of mechanisms for admission and registration in international schools, language institutes and cultural centers, and to prepare conditions for accreditation of certificates and documents, and to support quality and accreditation programs in cooperation with the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, as well as preparing and monitoring performance indicators and supporting and facilitating procedures related to international and foreign education, and overcome the difficulties and challenges facing it.

The international and foreign education departments in various regions are responsible for receiving license applications for international schools, language institutes, foreign schools and cultural centers, as well as for supporting investors in this sector, overcoming difficulties and challenges facing investors and creating an appropriate environment for them, in addition to supervising schools and making sure of their commitment to apply the rules, and to accredit certificates and documents.