Spotlight on Jeddah waterfront — a super leisure spot


JEDDAH — Jeddah, the bride of the Red Sea, has its governorate to thank for the superb waterfront that adds elegance to the area that has been a big draw for people.

The crowd, which comes out in droves to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the sea and the shoreline, builds from sunset time when they get to feast on the fantastic natural tableau as the day, with the help of nature, switches naturally to night.

The Jeddah Corniche has become an attractive point for lots of people — citizens and residents as well — where families and friends freely plan picnics on the shoreline.

That waterfront is a landmark that is visited by people of all walks of life, regardless of age. It stretches along 4,500 km, on a land plot of 730,000 square meters, and can accommodate around 120,000 persons.

The icing on the cake of the favored leisure spot — the waterfront — is the first of its kind Interactive Fountain to the north of the Corniche, in addition to the longest pedestrian bridge in the Kingdom of 650 meter length.

Among the attractive features is a harbor dedicated to picnic boats on 1,800 square meters.

Indeed the waterfront Corniche is a spot of allure as it is considered an open air museum, decorated with various artifacts including sculptures, cutouts and statues, as well as wide green spaces making for unique landscape.

The visually impaired too have been considered as a special track has been made for them to stroll, quietly at the venue, representing the first ever guiding boards using Braille, along the seaside fences.

In addition, another water corridor leads to swimming beaches, for those with special needs only, to experience miscellaneous sea sports and hobbies.

Seagull (Naurus), Rimal (Sands) and the Pearls are among prominent names of the seaside plazas and walk ways, in addition to the fishermen square, as it is the main assembly spot for most of the people visiting the waterfront.

The waterfront also plays host to various cultural demonstrations, annually, especially at the Cultural Garden, to unleash and tap talents. Also there’re areas to explore for the kid and youth and spot for artists and science geeks.

The waterfront has several initiatives, including interactive education to enrich the whole society, in terms of cultural awareness and intellectual promotion and advancement that could be of benefit to all. — SPA