Half a million people benefit from Tataman clinics, Taakkad centers


Saudi Gazette report

Over half a million people have benefited from Tataman (fever) clinics and Taakkad (Make sure) centers in various regions of the Kingdom, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the Ministry of Health (MOH) as saying Sunday.

Tataman clinics provide the necessary medical care to people with respiratory symptoms, such as throat pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and high temperature, without the need for a prior appointment.

The clinics are located in some health centers and some hospitals and their number has reached about 235, distributed in all regions of the Kingdom. Till now they have provided their services to 208,000 people, the ministry asserted.

"The Taakkad centers are meant for the asymptomatic or those with mild symptoms, and believe that they were in contact with an infected person. Tests are carried out by conducting daily checking of the swab by booking an appointment via the Sehati (My Health) app. The number of beneficiaries from these centers has reached 357,000,” the ministry added.

Taakkad centers are currently located in some health centers and on the driveways. During the next few days, they will be available in all regions of the Kingdom, the ministry said stressing that the tests show the duration of the virus, and the categories of people in which it spreads. The tests also help in an early detection of these cases, in cutting the chain of spread of infection, and preventing the formation of hotspots.