Khamenei’s men in Washington


A STUDY, promoted by the Iranian lobby in the United States, headed by Vali Nasr, concluded that Washington must halt its “endless wars” in the Middle East and should withdraw its forces and bring them back to the US!

The study was published by the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, a Washington-based think tank, which is acting as an extended arm of the Iranian regime.

The study calls on the US to rather involve in diplomatic efforts to end the war in Syria and Yemen, and pull out all forces from Syria as the reason for sending the troops there was to defeat Daesh (the so-called IS) and the goal has been achieved.

The study also suggested that Washington should announce the suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates so as to cut all support to the parties involved in the Yemeni conflict. The study adds that Washington has isolated itself from the important players in the Middle East.

The study says — and here lies the gist — that Washington should normalize relations with Iran as the current American policy of isolating Tehran lacks a strategic rationale and it has failed on all fronts. “Tensions are rising in the Middle East and pushing the US and Iran to the brink of an unnecessary military confrontation.”

After that, the study calls on the US to lead the region by upholding human rights values! This is the summary of the study and its content.

I believe that the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei himself would be reluctant to accept a research paper if it was called a research paper or study like this one framed in Washington because it is a cause for embarrassment, and it is full of blatant naivety.

How is it possible to normalize relations with Iran, and the US upholding human rights in the region while Iran is trampling on these rights day in and day out, not only on Iranian soil, but also in the entire region?

How can we say that the US forces are responsible for what is happening in our region, while Washington is isolated and the Iranian forces and militias have their control in four Arab capitals?

And how can a serious researcher, not to mention a respected one, to talk about an American pullout and the normalization of relations with Iran, and offering solutions to end the “civil war in Syria” or “civil war in Yemen,” that are really not a civil war, but rather an intervention. In the case of Syria, it is an Iranian external invasion with the presence of the Iranian Shiite militias.

As far as Yemen is concerned, we are facing the coup of the Houthi militia, with Iranian command, funding and support. How can a respected researcher speak or write in such a way?

How is it possible for one, who is interested in politics and human rights, to accept a nuclear bomb in the hands of a superstitious, repressive sectarian regime like Iran? It was the children of the Shiite community who were the first to revolt now in Iraq and Lebanon. This is apart from the successive revolutions in Iran against this fascist regime!

Any respected researcher cannot come up with such a study. Rather, it is the product of the thought of those who can be called the Khamenei men in Washington, the remnants of the outdated Obama phase, and part of naive lobbies seeking to hand over the region to Iran and Turkey.