Dubai makes the impossible possible with Snow Run in peak desert summer

The “DXB Snow Run”, organized by Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in cooperation with Ski Dubai, will take place on Aug. 14.
The “DXB Snow Run”, organized by Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in cooperation with Ski Dubai, will take place on Aug. 14.

DUBAI – A run in the snow... in the midst of this sweltering summer with the mercury tipping the higher 40s?

Welcome to Dubai, a place where impossible becomes possible.

The “DXB Snow Run”, organized by Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in cooperation with Ski Dubai, will take place on Aug. 14, when temperatures are expected to be hovering around mid-to-higher 40s, and the event will give residents and visitors, both men and women aged 18-62 years, an opportunity to experience a truly unique event — a 3km run through the snow at Ski Dubai.

The run will allow participants to not just escape the summer heat, but also give them an opportunity to become a part of history as this is the first such event to be staged in this part of the world, and most certainly, this is the world’s first snow running competition taking place in the summer, and that too in a desert.

Additionally, participants can use the run to make their personal version of “Cool Runnings”, that memorable 1993 movie based on the Jamaica national bobsleigh team’s qualification for the 1988 Winter Olympics Games in Calgary, Canada.

The “DXB Snow Run” is part of DSC’s “DXB Snow Week”, which will be taking place at Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates on Aug. 14 and 15, with participants also having the opportunity to take part in the skiing and snowboarding competitions, which will be held concurrently.

Those interested in taking part in the run can register through the website. They need to rush because the DXB Snow Run is going to be restricted to 300 participants.

The winter and ice sports sector is the third segment to be opened for competition by DSC following weeks of closure due to COVID-19 pandemic. The marine sports sector was the first to open for competition in Dubai with Dubai Offshore Sailing Club’s Summer Series taking place on June 19.

The following weekend, Dubai International Marine Club organized a “Dubai Watersports Summer Week” in cooperation with DSC, and six different competitions were part of the event.

Last weekend, DSC opened the doors for beach sports with the “Beach Sports Week”. Organized by the Council in cooperation with different partners, the Beach Sports Week saw five tournaments involving four sports — FootVolley, Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis and AirBadminton — take place at Kite Beach.

The Council has used these events to honor heroes who were at the frontline of Dubai’s fight against COVID-19, by presenting commemorative medals that celebrates their efforts to the winners and participants.

The medals pay homage to the selfless service of Dubai Police and Dubai Civil Defense through the COVID-19 crisis, alongside the staff of Dubai Health Authority, and the First Responders of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.

Together, they were at the forefront of Dubai’s fight to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, alongside volunteers from different segments of Dubai’s diverse community.

These medals are a continuation of DSC’s initiative to celebrate not just Dubai's iconic landmarks, but her heroes as well.

In the past, DSC's medals have featured some of the most famous cultural and tourist landmarks of Dubai like the majestic Dubai Frame and Burj Khalifa, the magnificent Museum of the Future and the stunning Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, alongside Hamdan Sports Complex, Tolerance Bridge and the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve. — SG