Riyadh police arrest 2 men for smashing car windows, theft


Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh police arrested two Ethiopians who are accused of being involved in many incidents of window smashing of parked cars to steal valuables from inside. Three Bangladeshis were also held for buying the stolen goods from the accused and reselling them, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Maj. Khaled Al-Keraidis, assistant spokesman of Riyadh region police, said that security men caught two Ethiopian nationals red-handed when they were carrying out their criminal activity in Riyadh’s Sulaymaniyah neighborhood. He said that they are professional thieves who were involved in many incidents of car break-ins and stealing valuable personal belongings of motorists.

Al-Keraidis said the thieves confessed to their involvement in as many as 72 crimes and seized from them 50 stolen devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Police also arrested three Bangladeshis working at an electronic store in Sulaymaniyah. They also admitted their involvement in buying and reselling the stolen goods from the Ethiopians. Police retrieved a portion of the stolen devices from the store. Legal procedures are being taken against the culprits before referring them to the Public Prosecution.