Alliance to ward off expansionism

Alliance to ward off expansionism

The idea of the importance of regional and international alliances has previously been raised because it is the real force that builds an impregnable barrier against the expansionist ambitions of the three countries in the region.

These three countries are Israel, Iran and Turkey, which are brought together by their ambition to expand at the expense of the Arab and Middle Eastern component. These three players wish to maximize their influence in one way or another at the expense of the Arabs.

Each of these three countries has its own agenda, its alliance and common interests with its global allies or friends. This reality may not be quite clear to some policymakers in the Arab world, and many viewers of the prevalent scene.

To show the importance of alliances, we will give an example in recent history when America wanted to attack Iraq, and it was keen to establish a regional and international alliance aiming to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and eradicate the dictatorship in the country.

This American action demonstrates the importance of alliances, despite the USA’s economic, military and global might as the top superpower in the world.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved great success in mobilizing an international and regional coalition in its defense against Iran's Houthi proxies. For this reason, alliances are a necessity, confirmed by the facts and events of ancient and modern history.

I was pleased that some political writers have called for the necessity to establish a political bloc to confront Iran and Turkey, as alliances are a necessity that no politician can exclude from his calculations.

There should be emphasis on two factors, which are permanent development, stability, and prosperity; and peace and security.

Achieving a rapprochement between solid states in the region, such as Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is deemed a first stage on the way to expanding this economic, political, media, industrial, war, social, cultural and administrative integration.

This consolidates and helps achieve cohesive alliances that require entering into binding agreements between the various parties.

Europe has realized this reality and created the European Union (EU). It is an integrated union that is not phaseal, but having a long-term strategic goal, to achieve its purpose and aims.

It is an alliance from an economic, cultural, educational, industrial, agricultural, military and medical point of view, encouraging other Arab countries to enter into such an alliance, so that it becomes a truly cohesive alliance that reshapes the Arab League.

It is for the great leaders to make history and make the Arab region a difficult and insurmountable area. This integration and alliance can be achieved by innovative and historic leaders, who keep abreast of the changes and understand the conspiracies and the covetous forces that seek to fragment and disintegrate the entities, to become an easy prey for the enemies.

‏The way to success is a necessary focus on economic, cultural, political and military integration and alliance and raising the level of collective awareness on the importance of alliances.

— The author Osama Yamani is a Saudi legal consultant and writer. He can be reached at: Twitter: @osamayamani