'9 Space Trips' summer program launched


Saudi Gazette report

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education and the Saudi Space Commission (SSC) have jointly launched the “9 Space Trips” summer program. This is one of the initiatives of the Space Generations Program organized by SSC, targeting boy and girl students in various phases of public education in the Kingdom.

The program aims to educate students of all ages and educational levels and make them aware of space science and its fields to satisfy their passions and interests. It also presents a number of scientific topics and experiences related to the space sector, a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report said on Monday.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Muqbil, deputy minister of education for public education, stressed the ministry’s keenness, in line with directive of minister of education, to invest in students, by preparing programs and activities that help them refine their personalities and develop their skills, in order to help fulfill their roles and qualify them for what the nation expects from them in future.

Al-Muqbil noted the presence of Prince Sultan Bin Salman, being the first Arab Muslim astronaut, as the head of SSC. “The prince is a guarantor of providing an exemplary curriculum to our students and youth to specialize in space sciences and its various branches as he is to be an eyewitness that space is waiting for all Saudi students to know what it is and making use of its branches in the service of our country and raising its name high in scientific and practical forums,” he said.

Al-Muqbil added that SSA is interested in developing the capabilities of Saudi students and developing their talents. “The Ministry of Education is keen to build bridges with the commission and invest in its programs.

The virtual summer program was the first of this partnership between the Space Generations Sector at the authority and the department of scientific activity in the ministry, through which inspiring workshops about space are provided and these are aimed at inspiring our students in the fields of science and space exploration in particular,” he said.

Such programs, he said, will be fruitful significantly for students so that they can define the features of their future and meet their aspirations and hopes.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, CEO of SSA, said the Space Generations Program aims to provide an inspiring educational environment to inculcate a passion for space science and its branches.

“A number of projects and initiatives have been proposed to empower our youth to lead this sector and make advancements in pursuit of the strategic objectives of the program to develop Saudi competencies in the space sector and participate in managing and promoting the Saudi space sector.

These initiatives are also aimed at taking advantage of the space field to inspire and encourage our youth to enter scientific and professional tracks and establish a national base for human capital,” he said.

Al-Asheikh said that the Ministry of Education is the strategic partner of the Saudi Space Authority and this summer program represents the beginning of joint cooperation between the two entities.

“Through this, we seek to encourage and empower our ambitious youth to learn space science, as the program provides an opportunity to explore the world of space, and that is through presentation of many scientific and educational topics and experiences that would expand the horizons of knowledge and science in this sector,” he added.