UAE and onslaught of the merchants of the ‘issue’ and political charlatans!

August 16, 2020
UAE and onslaught of the merchants of the ‘issue’ and political charlatans!

Jameel Altheyabi

The peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel has put a heavy stone in the stagnant geopolitical pool of the Middle East and the world.

I do not think that the attempts of betrayal and the attack on the UAE will surprise anybody who is familiar with the behavior of the merchants of the (Palestinian) “issue,” as well as the political charlatans, and marketers of crises and tensions!

Of course, they are well known. They are the Arab leftists and the Islamist ideologues who hail from the Brotherhood’s flock and their ilk.

Along with them, are those who were paid Qatari and Turkish money, and the mullahs of Iran who have been trading with the Palestinian issue since the transformation that was brought about by the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

Unfortunately, no one will escape from the caustic tongues of these groups, which feed on fickleness and hypocrisy, except those who believe in their false ideologies and slogans and take pleasure in their discordant and twisted ways.

You can imagine the volume of blatant hypocrisy, marketed by Turkish President Erdogan, which was taken as truth by the mob!

He is issuing a threat of withdrawing his country’s ambassador from Abu Dhabi and suspending relations with it, but at the same time his ambassador has fun in Tel Aviv and consolidates full diplomatic relations and substantial military and commercial cooperation with Israel.

Is it not the height of contradiction, lies, hypocrisy and laughter in one’s beard? Or, “Is it true that those who are afraid of Israel or to have ties with it are no more?!”

The agreement, which was announced in Washington, Tel Aviv, and Abu Dhabi last Thursday, is a major diplomatic breakthrough in the region, whether these hypocrites are satisfied with it or not, and its major fruit is Israel’s agreement to cancel a plan to annex territories from the West Bank to Israel.

It has also established one of the most important pillars of the Arab Peace Initiative, namely the two-state solution, which over the past years seemed to be the cause for revolt for the Israeli rightists, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, with an eye on electoral gains.

It is truly regrettable that the followers of the school of “Qumism” and “Ikhwanism” have reached the point of calcification to the extent of prohibiting the combination of nationalism and the sovereignty of each of the states belonging to the Arab nation.

It is a school that not only misrepresents history, geography and logic, but is also under the illusion that it is still tied with outdated slogans with the same sway that it had exercised decades ago.

As for the proponents of the “ideology” that is trying to hijack religion in diverse cloaks, they will not like anything until they alone have the authority to decide the fate of peoples and sovereignty of states.

One of the tragedies of the Arab situation is that these two losing trends enunciate the enemies of Arabs and Arabism, such as Iran and its militias in the region, and Turkey and its expansionist plans.

As an active Arab country, the UAE has the right to define its policies and directives for its foreign relations in line with its sovereign decisions and strategic interests.

The announced agreement between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv does not contain any prejudice to Palestine and the future of the Palestinians. The announcement does not involve any interference in the Palestinian affairs.

Rather, it sets red lines for any policy, which Israel might pursue, to usurp the rights of the Palestinian people. It also averts the prospect of annexation of Palestinian territories, together with consolidating the two-nation solution.

The UAE is not the first Arab country establishing relations with Israel in public. Egypt preceded it and thus managed to restore the Sinai Peninsula to its sovereignty. It was followed by Jordan, which put an end to one of its most important national security risks by reaching an understanding with Israel.

As far as the “Hamadain” of Qatar are concerned, such things had happened in their case too. For them, there is nothing wrong with what is happening under the table and inside closed rooms, whether in Doha or Tel Aviv, and its channel, Al-Jazeera, had in the beginning molded itself in the lines of Israeli televisions.

And there is the one who has had the oldest relationship with Israel, although his government falsely raises the banner of support for Palestine. He is none other than the crazy man of Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He was tipped as the “Spoiler of Tel Aviv” to the point of agreeing to Israeli appeasement with financial compensation and for them to treat him exhaustively in all his activities!

The time for bargaining is over... and Erdogan must ask himself first before starting his usual yelping: With an embassy in his capital where an Israeli flag is flying on a mast in its building, and his commercial relations are the largest with Israel, in which way did he benefit the Palestinians?

What is certain is that the Emirati decision is bold. The UAE has not violated the right of anyone. Rather, it has exercised its sovereign right and acted openly, in front of everyone, under the broad daylight, in a way that serves the stability of the region and breaks the stalemate that has been hindering the Middle East Peace Train. Enough, stop the bids in the name of the “issue.”

— The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi

August 16, 2020
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