Madinah emir launches water treatment project

September 02, 2020

Saudi Gazette report

MADINAH — Madinah Emir Prince Faisal Bin Salman on Tuesday launched a water treatment project being carried out by the Saudi Irrigation Organization to improve the irrigation sector in the Madinah region, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The inauguration ceremony, which was held via video-conferencing, was attended by Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli, and a number of officials of the National Water Company in the region.

The Saudi Irrigation Organization, formerly known as formerly the Hassa Irrigation and Drainage Authority (HIDA), is working to manage, operate and boost the region’s agricultural sector, using the latest irrigation methods.

Speaking on the occasion, Prince Faisal underlined the need to harness the full potential of the project to ensure the availability of water, preserve the environment and farms.

The Madinah emir also said that that the concerned authorities are working to implement measures that limit the conversion of date palm farms to urban sites, and to contribute, through a package of innovative qualitative projects in the irrigation sector, to enhancing agricultural development and maximizing its economic impact.

The project will be implemented in four phases. In the first stage, 300 farms will benefit from the project and the second phase will include natural reserve and palm farms located in the north of Madinah. The third stage will see the project extended to Abu Park Al-Joud and Al-Bayda Park while in the fourth phase the service will reach Al-Mendesa, Al-Mulelih and other areas.

The project aims to preserve the strategic reserve of wells' water, legalize dependence on it, and work to encourage farmers in the agricultural development system.

The farms of Madinah are distinguished by their historical importance, as they include a large number of palm trees, which form part of the cultural heritage of the region. It produces various kinds of dates thanks to the use of groundwater and wells.

With the passage of years that have witnessed improvement in the methods and systems of irrigation and traditional drainage, there is a need for multiple sources and methods of water sources, which ensure the sustainability of farms and their preservation.

September 02, 2020
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