New expat body to help women, kids tackle pandemic trauma 


By Hassan Cheruppa

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Aneeza Baiju has been elected president of the newly formed Jeddah CIGI Women’s Collective (JCWC), the women’s wing of Jeddah Chapter of Center for Information and Guidance India (CIGI) International. She was chosen to lead the organization in a recent virtual session in which CIGI International Chairman K.M. Mustafa was the keynote speaker. CIGI Jeddah Chapter Chairman Abdul Azeez Thankayathil presided over the session.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Aneeza said that the new body aims to empower women and children in the core sectors with an immediate focus on converting challenges of pandemic situation into golden opportunities for expatriate women and children who have been staying indoors for about six months. “In its bid to support women and children who are under stress and emotional impact caused by the pandemic, JCWC wants to provide guided help through family counseling and therapies to strengthen bonds of family relationship and build confidence. Our general objectives include focusing on a number of pivotal aspects such as enhancing career guidance, parenting, handling of adolescent issues, premarital counseling, prudent time management, home-making, financial discipline, as well as programs for promoting self-enterprising initiatives, and to boost mental health along with a peer support to overcome worries and traumas,” she said.

According to Aneeza, JCWC also aims to empower women with helping them develop their full potential and pursue vigorosly to realize their dreams and aspirations. "We are planning creative sessions for self-development and improved quality of life,” she said adding that monthly webinars are also planned to accomplish these objectives.

The other officials of the body who are tasked to execute CIGI’s program for the year 2020-2021 are: General Secretary: Ruby Sameer; Vice President: Rafseena Ashfaq; Treasurer: Rinshi Faisal; CLP Coordinator: Majitha Kunhi; Asst. Coordinator:Theseena Riyas; Career Coordinator: Vaheeda Irshad; Asst. Coordinator: Jaseena Mujeeb; BIG Coordinator: Aysha Vazna; HR Coordinator: Shahnas Nabeel; Asst. Coordinator: Bincy Rasheed; and Asst. Family Counseling: Dr. Nikhitha Fazlin.

Earlier, addressing the session, CIGI HQ Director Nisam A.P., the chief guest, underscored the need to focus on a number of set goals such as response to ecosystem; character enrichment; strengthening relationship, self-awareness, and social awareness; identifying one’s own ideas; and acquiring adequate knowledge and skills.

CIGI International Chairman K.M. Mustafa spoke about the organization’s focus on women empowerment and reiterated the importance of improving the existing social system to meet the aspirations of society.

In his speech, Thankayathil emphasized the importance of achieving Vision 2030. He called on women to give more emphasis on instilling values in their children from the early stage of their childhood to mold them as good citizens of the country.

Motivational speakers from Kerala Soumya and Jaslina addressed the gathering. CIGI Jeddah Vice chairman Rasheed Ameer unveiled the objectives of JCWC while HR Director M.M. Irshad introduced the new office-bearers. CIGI Jeddah CLP Director Muhammed Kunhi R.P. welcomed the gathering while Vice Chairman Abdul Kareem K.M proposed the vote of thanks.

Formed in 1996, CIGI is one of the largest NGOs of India with a vision to achieve an empowered, self-sufficient, vibrant and influential society. It aims to uplift and empower marginalized segments. As many as three million young men and women in India and the Gulf have benefited from its nearly quarter of a century-long intervention in the educational and social development fields.

There are thousands of committed, selfless and trained volunteers championing CIGI’s defining courses persistently toward social development at the grass root level. Setting career guidance and educational empowerment as prime objectives, CIGI has been instrumental in supporting hundreds of thousands of young men and women to improve their talent and skills with activities like social action for grassroot empowerment.