Saudi Arabia busts Iran-trained terror cell

September 28, 2020

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia busted a terrorist cell whose members got military and field training inside sites belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guard, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday citing the spokesman for the Presidency of State Security. The cell was discovered last week during security monitoring according to the SPA report.

The spokesperson said that a total of 10 members of the cell were arrested, three of them received training in Iran, their training took place in two locations and included field exercises and making explosives. The cell was formed between October and December 2017, the spokesperson added.

A large number of weapons were seized from a house and a farm which include the following:

— Nine Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

— 67 explosive fuses.

— 51 explosive stun gun.

— Large quantity of capacitors, electrical transformers, and electronic resistors that are used in making explosives.

— 5.28 kg of gunpowder.

— 17 cans containing chemicals.

—13 electrical signal transmitters and receivers.

— 2 circuit switches.

— 4 advanced eavesdropping devices.

— 1 welding machine.

— 4 Kalashnikov guns.

— 1 G3 rifle.

— 1 sniper rifle.

— Two pistols.

— 1 Hunting air gun.

— 4,620 live ammunition.

—18 magazines for machine gun and pistol.

— 6-inch homemade plastic container for weapons.

— One bag containing weapon cleaning equipment.

—14 knives.

— Military clothing.

— 2sniper scope.

— 1 night vision scope.

— 3 wireless communication devices.

— 1 laptop.

— 2 Garmin mapping devices.

— 1 sunglasses equipped with a camera, storage memory, and battery.

— 11 mobile phones.

— 2 tablets.

— 5 external storage memories, and six internal storage memories.

The competent authorities are investigating all arrested individuals to get more information about their activities and the persons connected to them in the Kingdom and abroad, and then referring them to the judiciary.

The Presidency of State Security reiterated its determination to thwart these criminal plans and confront whoever intends to threaten the security and stability of this country and the safety of its citizens and expatriates. — SG

September 28, 2020
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